OEA can offer help with lens design, optical system design, visual and ophthalmic optics. As your design consultant, we will be work collaboratively with your company to pursue the best possible result for your project. We are capable of bringing concepts into reality with extensive experience in the following areas:

Optical Instrumentation & Lens Design: Lithography, Camera Lenses, Microscope objectives, Zoom lenses, Adaptive Optics, scanning systems, 3D displays, Panoramic Optics, Polarimeters, Spectrometers, Head Mounted Displays

Military & Space Optics: Thermal imaging systems, IR Optics, Telescopes, Off Axis Un-obscured Mirror Systems, Adaptive optics, Zoom Lenses, Head Mounted / Heads Up Displays, Night Vision

Biomedical Optics: Optical, Confocal & Fluorescence Microscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Tissue Optics, Intra Ocular Lenses (IOL), Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopes (SLO), Retinal and Corneal OCT, Wavefront Sensors (WFS), Corneal Topography & Biometry

Non-Imaging and Illumination Optical Design: Fresnel lenses, TIR lenses, Solar Concentrators and Light Distribution Shaping Optics.

Stray Light Analysis: Impact of Scatter & Ghost Reflections on Image Quality, Mitigation Strategies

Consumer Electronics:  Head mounted displays, optical/flat panel displays, web cameras




Our Services


OEA will work with the client to deliver optical solutions based on the client’s needs. The end deliverable is different depending on the type of project, with the capability to support the project at all phases from conception through to completion. Sample deliverables are given below:

Reports: Journal papers, trades studies, feasibility studies, design assessments.

Optical design files: Zemax / FRED files, CAD files, lens drawings

Hardware: In a few cases, OEA has built optical systems that are delivered to the client.


OEA works with you to meet your optics needs by offering fixed price contracts and time and materials contracts.  Under a fixed price contract we will work with you to determine a statement of work and time frame for the project before beginning. This type of contract is great if your company simply wants to test out the ideas to determine cost effectiveness and feasibility. 

Optical Engineering & Analysis LLC