LED Lens

LED lenses are typically for changing the light distribution of the LED for various lighting applications.

TIR Lens

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Backlit Display

Microsoft has developed a wedge lens for improving the efficiency of a display light guide. This also has applications to 3D projection displays without glasses.

Intensity Distribution from TIR Optics



Intensity distribution of LED without lens

Intensity distribution after lens. Notice the light distribution is more uniform in intensity.

Domed Fresnel Lens

A domed fresnel lens allows for better performance over the acceptable angle. These types of lenses are used extensively as solar concentrators.

TIR Lens for LED Illumination

Collimating optics for LED typically require complex geometry to get efficiency flux transfer

TIR optic consists of an inner lens and outer reflector and designed to be manufactured as one solid optic.

Line focus created by domed cylindrical fresnel lens.

Domed Cylindrical Fresnel Lens

Domed Fresnel Lens

Light shaping LED lens