Holographic Data Storage

Holographic data storage requires the use of high-performance Fourier lenses ie low distortion near diffraction limited performance.

What is unique about a Fourier lens is the performance of the lens must be excellent in the image and pupil plane to preserve the image information in the frequency domain which is recording in the holographic media.

CAmera Lenses

The lens below represents a demanding lens. The lens is optimized for low light detection to maximize detection of CCD in lowlight conditions. Lens is designed to be athermal ie. maintain focus over -50 to 50 C range.

Optical Design

F-Theta Scanning Lens

The lens below is an example of a scanning lens typically used for laser scanning applications. These lenses are common in laser prints and barcode readers.

Mirror Based spectrometer 

Below is Czerny Turner spectrometer a common mirror based spectrometer.

Panoramic Imaging 

The image below shows a 360 degree (field of vision) FOV catadioptric lens system. Distortion of the system is tailored to maximize resolution in specific regions. This is similar to a fisheye lens and is utilized in surveillance and security applications.

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