Optical Engineering & Analysis LLC

Biomedical optic experience


OEA has extensive experience in a variety of biomedical and ophthalmic optics projects.

Our experience includes confocal, fluorescence microscopy, retinal imaging (scanning laser ophthalmoscope, fundus cameras), intraocular lenses, and optical coherence tomography (OCT).

Military & Space Optics experience


WFOV Unobscurred Telescopes

An off axis three mirror system designed at F4 and 20deg FOV. System makes use of freeform mirrors to achieve diffraction limited proformance over the 3 to 24um wavelength range. 

Catadioptric Telescope

14x MWIR lens optimized to near diffraction limited image quality across the entire zoom range.

An obscured catadioptric telescope designed to be athermal and achromatic.

MWIR Zoom Lens