Zemax User Defined Surfaces

Sometimes it is necessary to create User Defined surfaces to accurately model an optical system. Below are shown three such surfaces one a Radial Basis Function surface, a collection of micro-prisms and a superposition of cosine terms.
Sinusoidal surface used to model mid spatial frequency error .

Micro Prism Surface

2-D Cross-section of Sinusoidal Surface

Radial Basis Surface

AdVANCed OPtical Analysis


Sinusoidal Surface

Optical Engineering & Analysis LLC

Translating FEA Results to Optical Analysis

OEA wrote surface fitting routines in MATLAB for translating deformations to optical surfaces provided by FEA modeling into parameters used in ZEMAX and FRED.

Fit surface (A) from FEA is translated into a surface sag (B) in Zemax EE before deformation (C) is compared to EE after deformation (D)