Intra ocular lens

OEA has supported phases of IOL design and production such as IOL image quality testing and stray light evaluation. We have designed monofocal, multi-focal, and accommodating IOLs. In many cases, an important part of design is being able to relate optical design metrics to clinical metrics such as visual acuity.  

Monofocal IOL evaluated for image quality and stray light

Biomedical optics experience


OEA has extensive experience in a variety of biomedical and ophthalmic optics projects.

Our experience includes confocal, fluorescence microscopy, retinal imaging (scanning laser ophthalmoscope, fundus cameras), intraocular lenses, and optical coherence tomography (OCT).

Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope

A scanning laser ophthalmoscope scans a laser across the retina to construct an image point by point. An afocal lens relay images the scan mirror to the pupil of the eye. The optics of the eye are responsible for focusing the laser on the retina.

Optical Engineering & Analysis LLC

Fundus Cameras

Imaging the retina is tricky considering the retina must be illuminated along the same path it is imaged. In this system, an off-axis illumination and imaging scheme is used to avoid back reflections. 

Dual Optic Accommodating Lense

As the change in spacing between the two lenses allow the eye adjust focus from distance objects to near objects.